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Weavings | Creative Experiences | Custom Home Decor

A little something for your home or a creative day out for yourself...keep posted on my new collections, workshop dates and more here + receive my gift to you to spend on your first order x


Hi Im Suzanne!


I am an artist, weaver, mama, teacher and home (and plant) lover.

I love to help people create nurturing and stylish spaces in their homes through the design of my pure wool,  hand woven wall hangings. Keeping a simplicity of style my aim is that my pieces will add texture and warmth to cosy up your world.

I also love to encourage others to express their creativity and access a little more mindfulness through teaching weaving workshops. I do this by providing a beautiful environment in which to enjoy time for your self along with like minded folk and learn this ancient art. My aim is that after walking with you through every step of creating your own wall hanging ready to to take home at the end of your day you will also be leaving with a  boost to your well being. Learn more >


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